Press Prelease: Realise Your Career Dreams with Open Learning Group

Realise Your Career Dreams with Open Learning Group

Accredited Logistics and Supply Chain Management Qualifications through Distance Learning.

You have just completed your matric and you feel the world is your oyster. You ready to conquer it with your special set of skills and your go-getter attitude.  You are given a crazy amount of career options and not sure which way to turn. All you want to do is have a rewarding career that helps make a difference, right?

At the Open Learning Group (OLG) we hold the key to your career dreams. We offer exciting Logistics and Supply Chain Qualifications that will kick start your chance to an ever-changing and fulfilling career. If you enjoy growing, learning and evolving constantly then Logistics and Supply Chain is for you. Unlike many other industries, the Logistics and Supply Chain industry is marked as a scarce skill, in fact it is a scarce skill globally.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management involves the planning, the purchasing and the transportation of goods and services to meet customer demands.

Career options include (just to name a few): Logistics Engineer, Supply Chain Manager, Production Supervisor, Transportation Manager, Warehouse Operations, Inventory Specialist, Operations Research Analyst, and Consultant. These career options can be applied to every industry from Logistics to Fashion and Events.

Why Open Learning Group? What makes us so special? Firstly, we are a distance education provider.  This is a more flexible option which means that students can work and study. Unlike full time students, you would have the advantage of understanding the working world. You would have the correct set of soft skills by gaining experience as an employee. As soon as you have completed your studies with OLG, you would have the qualification that comprises of theory as well as the practical experience of working.

We also offer students learning support sessions which are presented at the OLG Learning Hibs, located in JHB, Pretoria and Durban. Our learning hubs provides a great environment for you to meet your fellow students and to have time to equip yourself with even more knowledge. Students attend sessions on weekdays and the hubs are fully equipped to ensure student success.

At OLG we strive for excellence, quality and the very best in education. All our qualifications are fully accredited and include a Higher Certificate, Diploma and a BBA Degree. We offer all students an opportunity of a lifetime as we are the leaders in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain qualifications. Contrary to other distance learning institutions, we provide constant support throughout. No student is left to bear the weight of their studies alone.

So as a freshly matriculated individual, contact OLG and start a journey that will change your life today.