Get real advice from real people!

Free-to-attend Workshops

Career Indaba’s free to attend workshops, hosted by industry experts and our celebrity ambassadors, will give attending students practical knowledge and advice on how to plan for their future and ensure they make the right choices for them. We pride ourselves on this component of our event and our motto for these workshops is: “Real Advice, from Real People”.

Get the latest insights and guidance, to build your career or help you choose the right field for your care

You have a choice of three workshop tracks to sit in and gather insights on how to:

Further Your Education:  Top institutions including universities, TVETs and private colleges provided opportunities and guidance on possible options on where you can study after school.

Guide Your Career: Experts offer advice on how you can take the first step towards a successful career.

Job Talks zone:  Top employers within South Africa reveal what it is really like to work in their industry’s and how you can apply for new vacancies.

Register for Career Indaba and join our workshop sessions on the 5 – 6 March 2017