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Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring Career Indaba is not only about brand awareness. It is also about aligning your brand with a project whose core vision is to support the development of South Africa’s next generation. In short, sponsoring Career Indaba is a cost effective way to cement your company’s position at the forefront of empowering the future leaders of South Africa.

Career Indaba also presents a unique opportunity that no other career event can offer you; direct engagement with the parents of the learners. In 2017, we will host our third Parent Networking Evening which will give your brand the opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with the parents of our learners. Parents hold great influence, both emotionally and financially over the future education and career choices that a learner may make. It is important that they are fully aware of the opportunities available so that they may assist during this important period in their child’s life.

To secure a prime location in the product sector that best represents your organisation contact Lucian Scholtz on email: or call +27 21 700 3576